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Governor announces entire state moving to Phase 3

March 12, 2021

Governor Jay Inslee today announced all counties in Washington will move into Phase 3 of his Healthy Washington: Road to Recovery effective March 22. He also announced the state would be abandoning its regional approach. It will instead return to a county-by-county evaluation process, based on county size.

No changes to construction guidance at this time

At this time, the Governor has made no changes to the Construction COVID-19 Job Site Requirements first introduced in May 2020.

What’s allowed in Phase 3?

  • In-person spectators at events with outdoor venues with permanent seating with capacity capped at 25 %. This affects professional and high school sports as well as motorsports, rodeos and other outdoor spectator events. Social distancing and face masks are still required.
  • Up to 400 people maximum at outdoor activities as well as events in indoor facilities—as long as this doesn’t exceed 50% capacity for the location and physical distancing and masking protocols are enforced.
  • 25% occupancy—or 9,000 people max—at larger venue events, whichever is lower, as long as they follow spectator guidelines.
  • Up to 50% occupancy or 400 people maximum, whichever is lower, for all indoor spaces. This applies to all industries and indoor activities currently allowed. Restaurants, gyms and fitness centers and movie theaters, among others, may all increase their capacity.

More information to come

The Governor’s office will release a full list of industry-level changes for the new phase next week.


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