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BIAW: Homes Start Here

March 5, 2021

Linoleum floors and popcorn ceilings. Sponge paint and millennial pink. Home offices and outdoor living spaces. Housing trends have evolved over the years. Brands evolve as well.

The Building Industry Association of Washington has developed a new strategic plan, moved into a new building and launched a new website. Now it’s time to celebrate with a new brand.


What’s in a brand?

Simply put, a brand is a business or organization’s personality. When it came time to review our brand, BIAW contracted with Hemisphere, a Tacoma creative agency. We wanted a fresh look at the organization–what we stand for and who we really are.

Hemisphere completed an extensive review of the association before launching into the logo design. They had one-on-one interviews with members of the BIAW management team and executive officers from local building associations. They held a focus group with senior officers. Then they reviewed a member survey with feedback from 48 more members.

Clean and bold logo

BIAW logo

Consistent with other major brands, Hemisphere then modernized and simplified our logo, shifting away from spelling out the organization’s name and adopting the acronym. This is similar to how the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Association of Washington Business (AWB) and others present themselves.

The colors, image and font used are clean and bold, just like our brand personality.

The image of a home represents both our industry and our commitment to the American dream of home ownership. The stars represent the 3-in-1 benefit of membership. The roofline and the foundation of the home point upward. This symbolizes the positive contributions we make to our industry, our communities and our clients.

What’s next?

Prior to revealing our new brand, BIAW communications staff worked to update all our social media sites, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, the website and more—everything all the way down to our signature blocks! We also provided the new digital assets to all our local associations along with a new brand guide describing how to use the new branding tools.

Consistent with our strategic plan, we’re excited to build on this brand launch to continue to drive positive public perception of our industry and our work.

Welcome to BIAW in 2021. Homes start here.


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