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BIAW Bulletin: House of Origin Cutoff

March 8, 2021

Hi there – I’m Jan Himebaugh and this is the BIAW Bulletin (HAMMER WITH HIMEBAUGH)!

It’s with great joy I tell you that the house of origin cutoff is Tuesday, March 9, at 5 PM. Say a little prayer with me that the unholy host of remaining nonsense bills die in the next 24 hours.

While there have already been vast amounts of terrible that have passed one chamber or the other – significant expansion of paid family leave, nonsensical bulkhead requirements, environmental justice assessments of agency action (which includes rulemaking and permits), and adding more hot garbage exactions to our already dumpster fire land-use system. But now these bills will be in the opposite chamber – that means it’s time to buckle back up and restart committee engagement.

How to help

This week we need you to pay attention to BIAW’s social media and follow the links to sign in on these bills that are up for hearings in their opposite chamber. Some of these bills have already been scheduled for hearings this week – but as bills pass their chamber of origin today and tomorrow, the schedule will change. That’s why it’s important to follow our feed so you can are as up-to-date as possible. Your engagement is critical.

It’s always been important for you to connect with legislators. In this virtual world it’s even more important and even easier for you!

Connect Construction to the Capitol: March 15-17

BIAW is working with your local association to “Connect Construction to the Capitol” through virtual hill days – March 15-17. Please join your fellow builders and associates to deliver the important message of housing affordability and accessibility. We will ensure you have talking points on the bills that will impact housing and offer tips for communicating effectively with legislators. But remember – they need to hear from you. And there’s no one better to deliver the builder message than YOU.

Remember – the median new home price in Washington is over $522,000 – and every $1,000 in increased costs prices 2,500 households out of the new home market. Washington families deserve better than this.

This has been another incredibly intelligent installment of the HAMMER WITH HIMEBAUGH.

Homes start here.

Himebaugh out.

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