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Back to Tools – Industry’s Top Related Tools

September 24, 2019

In honor of kids going back to school, BIAW thinks adults should partake in some of the fun. We know that work is year-round, so BIAW decided to highlight some of the best-rated tools for our industry to help beef-up your back to work toolbox this September with …#BackToTools!

Check back every week on our blog this month to see the top-rated tool of the week.

This week’s tool is a Hitachi Cordless Brushless Framing Nailer:

This tool features a unique air spring drive system that uses compressed air to drive each nail resulting in zero ramp-up time and increased driving speed, long-lasting battery and increased durability. With this framing nailer, you can drive up to 400 nails per charge.

If you’ve used a Hitachi Cordless Brushless Framing Nailer on your projects, tell us what you think by tagging us or using #BackToTools. What are some of your favorite tools?

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