Membership: Spikes

Spikes - Recruiting and Retaining BIAW Members

BIAW Spikes consists of BIAW members who take an interest in recruiting and retaining members to BIAW. They build our essential membership base and strengthen BIAW’s ability to influence. Below are the levels of Spike achievement:

  1. Spike Candidate: A BIAW member who has recruited 1-5 new members into BIAW.
  2. Spike: A BIAW member who has recruited six or more new members into BIAW.
  3. Life Spike: A BIAW member who has attained 25 or more Spike credits.

BIAW Top 10 Spikes in 2014

Member Local Association New Members
in 2013
Total Spike
Credits as of
Myra Williams MBA of King-Sno. Counties 80 766
Patrick Hayes Skagit/Island Counties BA 57 520
Kevin Kartak MBA of King-Sno. Counties 34 1,424
Keegan Harris Central WA HBA 32 157
Matt Willard Central WA HBA 30 327
Paul McGraw BIA of Clark County 27 104
Beth Madden MBA of King-Sno. Counties 26 908
Bob Smith MBA of King-Sno. Counties 25 1,338
Dennis Poppe MBA of King/Sno. Counties 23 945
Leonard Terzenbach Spokane HBA 20 1,337