BIAW Membership Program

Creating Strength in Numbers

BIAW is the second largest state association affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in the country with nearly 8,000 member companies employing approximately 265,000 people.

Your membership provides:

  • Marketing opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Publication advertising
  • Monthly Building Insight Magazine
  • Industry-specific continuing education and professional growth opportunities

The BIAW Membership Committee, members, and BIAW staff strive to develop short and long range plans for the continued growth and strength of BIAW: provide guidance to its 14 local associations in planning for membership growth; and act as liaison to NAHB in obtaining new membership tools and ideas.

In addition, BIAW Spikes work to recruit new members, get members involved, and retain BIAW members. Spikes build BIAW's essential membership base and strengthen BIAW's ability to influence.

Benefits of Membership

The advantages of membership do not end with BIAW's dedication to protecting your livelihood from unnecessary government taxes and regulations. Besides battling big government, BIAW offers a variety of programs and services that can help you to make your business successful.

For a complete listing of BIAW membership benefits, view the 8-page Membership Benefits Brochure.

Building Industry Insurance Program

The Building Industry Insurance Program (BiiP),is an exclusive member benefit which allows members the opportunity to purchase insurance products through BIAW member insurance agents at competitive prices.

Education Program

BIAW's award-winning Education Program assists local associations in planning educational programs to meet member needs and organizes regional conferences on issues related to the construction industry. Class offering include: Practical workshops designed to raise the level of buiness performance; Courses providing information on the latest trends and technology in home building; and, Instruction by the industry's leading experts on regulatory changes and compliance. Cerfication/Continuing Education classes include Washington State real estate and appraiser continuing education clock hour credits.

Government Affairs

BIAW's Government Affairs Program exists to defend affordable housing for the citizens of Washington state. BIAW's team of lobbyists work on members' behalf to pass pro-housing legislation and defeat bills harmful to the housing industry. BIAW's experienced legislative team works to protect your livelihood and the dream of homeownership for Washington state families. BIAW and BIAW's political action committee, the Washington Affordable Housing Council, play an active role in Washington state elections, pouring a significant amount of time, energy and resources into ensuring the election of pro-small business and pro-housing candidates that support the building indsutry and the continued economic growth of the state.

Health Insurance Program

Purchasing power, excellent benefits and rate stability are the cornerstones of the success of the BIAW Health Insurance Program. BIAW provides member companies with high quality health insurance at lower than market rates. Since 2001, health insurance premiums have doubled for an average family of four due to increasing costs of medical care while the BIAW’s rates have increased at a much slower pace. By leveraging the purchasing power of the association, BIAW’s Health Insurance Program is able to offer rates much lower than similar plans in the open market.

Legal Program

BIAW's Legal Program is the most proactive and successful of any trade association in the state. BIAW's in-house and contract attorneys, along with Legal Committee members, directly represent members in crucial precedent-setting cases of statewide significance. In addition to providing legal services, BIAW also supports important cases that have the potential of affecting builders throughout the state.

R.O.I.I.® Select -- Return on Industrial Insurance

BIAW's R.O.I.I.® Select, is the largest retrospective ratings program in the state. It provides companies with several important advantages: A refund to member companies if the group's premiums exceed their losses; expert, in-house claims staff who act as your advocates -- BIAW's professional claim representatives serve as watchdogs on each injury claim, working to close claims quickly and efficently; and, BIAW's strict enrollment criteria ensures maximum group performance.
  • In 32 years of existence, not one R.O.I.I.® member has ever paid a penny of additional premium (penalty)because of participation in R.O.I.I.®, a claim many retro programs cannot make.
  • Professional claims management assistance from BIAW's in-house claims staff provided free of charge.
  • Award-winning safety consultation and accident prevention services provided free of charge.
  • Loss control consultation services provided free of charge.
  • L&I premium audit assistance provided free of charge.
  • L&I risk classification and rate assistance provided free of charge.
  • Hiring procedure evaluation provided free of charge.
  • R.O.I.I.® Select-generated revenue supports BIAW's efforts in support of affordable housing and a pro-business regulatory climate in Washington.
Jan Rohila, Administrative Services Director Jan Rohila
Adminstrative Services Director

If you would like more information, on how to join BIAW, please contact us at 360-352-7800.