How To Join BIAW

Build A Better Future . . . Join the Association that fights for you.

As a member of the homebuilding industry, you know how difficult it has become to build affordable quality homes while struggling to deal with the burden of big government and its seemingly endless stacks of rules and regulations.

The Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) exists to unite those in the building industry in Washington state in their fight against a government that has made this industry among the most regulated in the nation.

Membership in BIAW means that you are making your voice heard. Let’s face it–the old cliché of strength in numbers rings truer today than ever. The only way to fight government and win is to join forces with others, like you, who are dedicated to supporting their industry.

Local Level

Your local homebuilders association is the key to your community. Fifteen local homebuilders associations throughout the state offer members unparalleled networking and advertising opportunities through the "Do Business With a Member" programs referral services, membership mailing labels, low cost advertising in association publications, product expose, trade shows, home Shows and Street of Dreams events. Most local homebuilders associations are also active in philanthropic community based events, providing it commitment to building not just houses, but communities.

National Level

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) provides members with access to special programs, information services, and more than 200 industry specialists. You have access to free legal research, NAHB’s library of books and publications, discounted educational seminar and conferences, forecasting of building related and economic trends, and much more. In addition, you receive complimentary subscriptions to Builder Magazine, Professional Builder and Nations Building News.

BIAW, your local homebuilders association and NAHB together offer the programs, services and networking that you want and need. Take advantage of the benefits of membership. Stand behind the associations that support your industry.

If you are interested in joining the Building Industry Association of Washington and taking advantage of the many benefits of membership at the local, state and national levels, contact your local homebuilders association in your area or BIAW Adminstrative Services Director Jan Rohila at BIAW at 1-800-228-4229. You can also use our online Membership Information Request form.

Membership Information Request Form
Jan Rohila, Education/Membership Services Director Jan Rohila
Adminstrative Services Director