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Codes and Regulations

BIAW monitors codes and regulations, provide comments on pending rules and regulations and provides resources and information to members. Check back for the latest information.

Building Codes

Every three years, new model construction codes are published through the International Code Council (ICC). The State Building Code Council (SBCC), with the assistance of their Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs), adopt those applicable to our state. See the current Building Codes »

Codes and Regulations Updates

BIAW monitors codes and regulations going through the rulemaking process as well as those on the horizon. Check back for regular updates.


If you have any questions regarding building codes and worker and safety regulations, please contact BIAW Government Affairs Manager Ashlee Delaney at Ashlee Delaney or 360-352-7800 ext 114.

For questions on stormwater and environmental regulations, please contact Government Affairs Manager Ashlee Delaney Ashlee Delaney or 360-352-7800 ext. 114.