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BIAW Supports Members Through Move
July 12, 2020

BIAW is moving to its new home, the Parkside Building, on July 20-24! During this transition, we ask for your patience as you may experience some delays in emails and phone calls while we are transferring servers, phones, and other IT equipment.

If you need assistance during this time and it’s an emergency, you can contact the following BIAW staffers:

Workers’ Claims and Injuries: Ben Bower (360)229-6073

Safety Inspections and Compliance Issues: Bob White (360)790-0638

R.O.I.I.® Select Questions: Michael Couthran (360)481-5957

BIAW Questions: Jan Rohila (360)515-1555

We will do our best to communicate with you, expeditiously. We look forward to serving you from our new home!

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