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UPDATE: Direct Contractor Liability Moves in House
January 31, 2020

UPDATE: Late last month, the harmful Direct Contractor Liability bill went to to the floor of the House. BIAW is working closely with Olympia Master Builders, Master Builders Association of Pierce County, and the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties to ensure the lawmakers know the effects this bill will have on our members. This bill, HB 1395 can be pulled from the floor and voted on at any time. Thank you to members who submitted over 750 letters to their legislators urging them to act on the bill.

Many of them had compelling concerns on how HB 1395 would affect their business, community, and the home building industry. Here are what members are saying:

  • “Please do not add this un-necessary legislation to our already burdensome and expensive home building regulation. It will particularly raise the affordability to first time home buyers and prevent other affordable housing.”- Mike Carlson, San Juan Building Association
  • “This legislation would immediately increase the cost of new construction in this state at the same time when we are about to put new energy codes into effect. We have a housing shortage and an affordable housing issue and this is only going to add to it.” – Kathleen Winter, Jefferson County Home Builders Association
  • “This bill would hurt us small business owners. I work for licensed and reputable contractors that pay me in a timely manner, which allows me to pay my employees. This bill would delay my payments as a sub-contractor. Please don’t make it harder for us to get young people interested in the trades.”- Casey Gudgel, North Peninsula Building Association

If you would like more information on the Direct Contractor Liability bill, read our previous blog. It is not too late to contact your State Representative to “vote no” on HB 1395 the “Direct Contractor Liability” bill. Take action today!

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