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Rain Gardens: Water Wisdom in the Northwest

This one-day presentation provides property managers, municipalities, real estate agents/brokers, developers, general contractors, and homeowners the knowledge required to effectively evaluate the true value of rain gardens in their landscapes.

Attendees will Discover

  • The importance of marketing, designing, planning and maintaining a rain garden
  • The knowledge needed to discuss rain gardens with your professional network
  • The value of including a rain garden on a property
  • The role a rain garden plays in Low Impact Development (LID)

Program Length

  • 8 hours



John C.Erdman, Business Consultant

BIAW member John Erdman, Ideal Companies, is a decisive executive trainer and speaker with broad skills and extensive progressive experience. A natural Change-Agent, who has reshaped, restructured and revitalized organizations, Erdman is an articulate, ethical and persuasive leader who inspires other to perform better. For over forty years, Erman has helped thousands toward self-improvment and success through instruction on enthusiasm, effective speaking, human relations, sales techniques, customer relations concepts, personal development, management methods, and self-image psychology.

Contact Information

Phone: (206) 992-8405
Email: john@ideal-companies
Website: Ideal Companies


Bryan Fosmark, Landscape Design Specialist

For over 10 years, BIAW member Bryan Fosmak, Washington Lawns, has helped hundreds of people in the Puget Sound area refine and achieve their landscaping goals. Fosmark's unique depth of knowlege has been invaluable in helping countless private and public landscaping challenges come to fruition. Fosmark is a member of the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals and currently sits as a chairman on the Eastside Business Association.

Contact Information

Phone: (425) 530-7552
Website: Washington Lawns

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