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It's About Processes, Not About Software

Before you commit your time and effort to making a software purchase, doesn't it make sense to know what to expect from the system? Investing in software makes sense when you know and can quantify the "deliverables." How you get there is the result of mapping your building processes to turn motion into movement; identifying areas of needed cost containment; planned costs; vaiance management, and, better scheduling. All this results in customer expectations fulfilled, not backed into by accident. When you design the needed controls for your operations, the software becomes the tool with you in control. In this class, you will learn how to control your business flow and plan for profit on every job you undertake.

Attendees will Discover

  • How to invest in the correct business software

Program Length

  • 1-2 hours



Bill Allen, Consultant, W.A. Allen Consulting

BIAW member Allen has assisted builders' profitability and cycle time through teaching and implementing systems of process improvement. With over 30 years in the building industry and 40 years in the business management and software industry, Allen has truly "written the book" on quality, efficiency and best practices for the building industry.

Allen has served on the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Education, Business Management and Technology, and Convention committees over the last 20 years. Allen has also served as a BIAW state director and is a Life Spike.

Contact Information

Phone: (425) 885-4489
Website: W.A. Allen Consulting

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