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Defining Your Vision and Mission

There are three key fundamental statements in which to build a solid business plan: the Personal Vision Statement, the Business Vision Statement, and the Mission Statement. These three statements provide the basis on which to build your marketing plan that supports your financial plan and keeps you on track to building a successful and profitable business. The Personal Vision Statement is designed to be used by the entrepreneur business owner and their immediate family. The Company Vision Statement looks ahead, generally, five years. The Mission Statement describes the purpose for which a product, service or business exists.

Attendees will Discover

  • The importance of the three key fundamental statements and the tools to build them
  • The process of writing and developing the three statements
  • How the three statements create the foundation in which to build a solid and successful business plan

Program Length

  • 3 - 4 hours



Darylene Dennon, Owner and CEO

BIAW member Darylene Dennon, is owner and CEO of Solid Energy, Inc., a painting and remodeling company located in the Seattle area. Dennon handles all phases of the business from sales, customer relations, financials, training, marketing and administrative needs.

Dennon's dedication to the industry is evident with her leadership in several national and state-wide trade associations, becoming the first female president of the: Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA), Washington State Council (2004); National PDCA (2011-13); and, Construction Industry Training Council (2001-02). As a member of the MBA of King and Snohomish Counites, Dennon co-founded the Women's Council(2003) and was Professional Women (PWC) in Building Chair (2003-05). Dennon is currently a BIAW state director and National Association of Home Builders PWC, Area 15 Trustee Chair.

Dennon is passionate about her trade and promotes professionalism in all she does. She is a presenter, author, and speaker on topics centered on the homebuilding industry, leadership, business development and sales.

Contact Information

Phone: (425) 485-8210
Website: Solid Energy, Inc.


John C.Erdman, Business Consultant

BIAW member John Erdman, Ideal Companies, is a decisive executive trainer and speaker with broad skills and extenisve progressive experience. A natural Change-Agent, who has reshaped, restructured and revitalized organizations, Erdman is an articulate, ethical and persuasive leader who inspires other to perform better. For over forty years, Erman has helped thousands toward self-improvment and success through instruction on enthusiasm, effective speaking, human relations, sales techniques, customer relation concepts, personal development, management methods, and self-image psychology.

Contact Information

Phone: (206) 992-8405
Email: john@ideal-companies
Website: Ideal Companies

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