R.O.I.I.® Select

Your Workers' Comp Solution

R.O.I.I.® (Return on Industrial Insurance) Select, is BIAW's performance-based retrospective rating group premium program, the largest in the state, with the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I). The group receives refunds when the group's premiums exceed their losses.

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2018 R.O.I.I.® Select Brochure.

2018-2019 R.O.I.I.® Select Enrollment Now Open

2018 ROII Release Form

R.O.I.I® Select Printable Release Form.

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Why hire R.O.I.I.® Select?

R.O.I.I.® Select - BIAW's retrospective ratings program - employes made-to-order personalized approach to workers' comp solutions. All R.O.I.I.® Select member participants receive:
  • Outcome-based Claims Assistance
  • Safety Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Return To Work Options Program
  • Retraining Assistance Program
  • L & I Audit Assistance
  • Claim Investigations and Litigation
  • Fee Transparency

Don't Just Take Our Word

Nearly 2,000 companies hired the experts at R.O.I.I.® Select to help them become better, safer companies. But don't just take our word for it. Discover why companies across the state have chosen R.O.I.I.® Select above the rest.

R.O.I.I.® Select Requirements

As a member participant of R.O.I.I.® Select you are required to:
  • Attend the ABCs of Claim Management Class (prior to the start of the plan year)
  • Complete the R.O.I.I.® Select Underwriting Survey
  • Offer light/modified duty on all time loss claims
  • Offer 30 days Kept on Salary (KOS), paid by employer, on all time loss claims

R.O.I.I.® Select Refund Policy

View R.O.I.I.® Select's Enrollment Refund Policy.

View the BIAW 2016 Financial Review.

  Mark Shaffer
Director of Insurance Programs
(360) 352-7800, ext. 111

Jenn Kavanaugh
R.O.I.I.® Select Administrative Services Director
(360) 352-7800, ext. 123