BIAW's Political Program

Supporting the Election of Pro-Housing Candidates

BIAW and BIAW’s Political Action Committee, the Washington Affordable Housing Council, play an active role in Washington State elections, pouring a significant amount of time, energy and money into ensuring the election of pro-business and pro-housing candidates that support the building industry and the continued economic growth of the state.

Each year, BIAW offers its award winning campaign school seminar to candidates statewide interested in learning how to run a successful campaign. In addition, BIAW offers financial, research and planning assistance to pro-business and pro-housing candidates.

Keeping BIAW members informed of the Washington State Legislature’s actions and its impact on the building industry is another important component of BIAW’s Political program. After each Legislative Session, BIAW produces How They Voted, a voting record of each legislator’s support for, or opposition to, issues important to the building industry. The guide is then distributed to every BIAW member, making it a valuable resource in helping them evaluate how their elected officials performed during the session.

To find who your Senator and Representatives are in your area, go to the Washington State Legislature website.

If you have any questions regarding the BIAW Legislative Program, please call BIAW Goverment Affairs Director Jan Himebaugh at 800-228-4229, ext. 135.

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Jan Himebaugh, Government Affairs Director Jan Himebaugh
Government Affairs Director