BIAW Legislative Program

BIAW's 2014 Primary Voter's Guide Now Available

BIAW and its political action committee, the Washington Affordable Housing Committee (WAHC), have endorsed 63 candidates in the 2014 primary election. Cast your vote for state Senators and Representative friendly to the building industry.

BIAW's 2014 Primary Voter's Guide

Promoting Legislation To Make Housing More Affordable

The Capitol Dome is the focal point of the Legislative Building which houses the chambers of the Washington State Legislature.

The BIAW Legislative Program exists to defend affordable housing for the citizens of Washington State.

BIAW's team of lobbyists work on members' behalf to pass pro-housing legislation and defeat bills harmful to the housing industry. BIAW also relies on an extensive grassroots system to educate elected officials on building industry-related issues. During each Legislative Session, a weekly email report - Lawmaker Review - is sent to members to update them on legislation and advises them when to contact their legislators.

BIAW's lobbying and grassroots efforts have been responsible for sponsoring, amending and defeating legislation that affects builders, their businesses and their employees.

BIAW’s experienced legislative team works for you to protect your livelihood and the dream of homeownership for Washington State families.

If you have any questions regarding the BIAW Legislative Program, please call BIAW Goverment Affairs Director Jan Himebaugh at 800-228-4229, ext. 135.

Jan Himebaugh, Government Affairs Director Jan Himebaugh
Government Affairs Director
360-352-7800, ext. 135.