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CWHBA Yakima: I-1433 Paid Sick Leave & Minimum Wage

Fines can be up to $40k per violation.

Are Your Leave Policies Ready For I-1433? Paid Sick Leave?
I-1433 requires Washington employers to provide paid sick leave to most employees beginning January 1, 2018 and increases the minimum wage.

Presentation Highlights:
Learn what leave you will be required to provide employees.
Understand that if you already have leave policies in place, you need to know what changes are needed to comply with the new law.
Hear about a few of the ways you can prepare your policies to comply and ensure you’ve considered and weighed your options with enough time to roll out new revised policies in time for the New Year…and much more.

If you are personally in attendance, be sure to bring a copy of your current policy to review with Juli!

Instructor, Juli Bacon, President | JB Consulting Systems LLC

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